Join me on this Journey?
Don't let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I am learning to trust the journey even when I don't understand it

One nice thing about being a small, founder-led business is that telling your “story” isn’t that hard. It’s by nature authentic, because it happened to you and you’re telling it, and it’s probably going to be at least somewhat interesting because you started your business to solve some sort of problem that nobody had thought to solve yet.

Now that I am on my own entrepreneurial journey, I find that it does mimic the Hero’s Journey in many ways. There are the battles that spotlight your weaknesses, but leave you with new tools or weapons for moving forward, there are the people you meet who give you strength for your next conflict, and there definitely is the sense of transformation from being in this kind of supernatural realm where so much is unfamiliar, shape-shifty, and surprising, in that if feels like anything (good or bad) can happen at any time.

I can tell you from experience, your results will be so much quicker with coaching and people to support you.

There’s no reason for you to go it alone today. 

You have the power to change your limited beliefs and plan for the future of your choosing.????

You can only accomplish what you believe you can!